Knex p90 update.

Well i failed at making my p90 again, so i have a few pics of the progress i made before i broke it. these are the pics of the realistic mags and firing mechanism. if you make the full gun please give credit to me and the dunkis. (sorry for letting everybody down who was looking forward to it, and the blurry pics)

Picture of Knex p90 update.
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ryry20116 years ago
you stool a great persons idea
He gave credit for it...
~KGB~ (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
thank you for actually reading the intro unlike him...
stubbopolis6 years ago
How close is it?
~KGB~ (author)  stubbopolis6 years ago
READ the description. 1st line
leafydave7 years ago
working on anything else?
Alright just because it's bugging me, that's actually not a claymore fail. If anyone didn't have such a one tracked mine, they'd notice that you now have a back up claymore without needing to place a new one as soon as someone takes out the first one. It also leaves the other team unwary because they'd suspect only that one or a second one to be placed right there exactly.
That's the end of my rant.
I enjoy rants mainly because i just accuse the person who made the rant of being a troll, get into a debate and therefore i become a canibal troll
Actually people who rant are usually the victims of trolls because we usually have a point while trolls are just the idiots who think that making others mad is a legit time killer compared to doing one of the literally thousands of other things he could be doing.
i wasnt trolling, you decided to share with me the information that if the situation portrayed in the image i first posted was recreated in real life it would not be a fail, however as i saw this unnecessary to point out as it is just a game i decided to troll as from my point of veiw you were commiting an action regarded to be trolling therefore i become the cannibal troll.
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