Knex piece names

It gets annoying when making an instructable, you find that you need. 5 black clips or 30 grey clips, and so on. can some one get together a proper set of names for all those little pieces that no one can describe?

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King_Banana9 years ago
metallic blue connector tan connector grey one slot connector ball socket blue hinge half black hinge half
Kiteman9 years ago
Isn't the colour-coding a replacement for names? So that all the black clips are the same size and shape, and all the grey clips are another size and shape?
Mepain Kiteman9 years ago
Yup, pretty much, except black clips are commonly referred to as Y connectors/clips, and there are two different kinds of grey connectors/clips, light grey and dark grey.
the dark grey connectors? If you mean the ones that have the peg on them that hold gears in place those are technically called pigs and this is right out of a knex instruction book.
j-chode! Mepain9 years ago
Or "hands" as some people call them.
Oblivitus9 years ago
I name pieces by the way they are shaped if they aren't the basic pieces, I name the connectors based on how many slots they have and sometimes by angles (for example: a "snowflake" piece is a 360 degree 8 slot connector), and I tell people how many sizes down or up from the largest/smallest of the sizes, respectively, a rod is and tell them its color(s).
bakenbitz9 years ago
There is an instructable somewhere about it.
The Jamalam9 years ago
black y connectors, black ball joint connector, black ball socket connector. I just call them rods and connectors.
I_am_Canadian (author)  The Jamalam9 years ago
That sounds pretty good. Lots of newbs just call 'em black pieces though....
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