Knex plane show spot

we just make the best air planes (it doesn't have to fly)

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JazzBoy4 years ago
post instructions
The Nomlack5 years ago
he put guns on the wings too
Lowney6 years ago
This is probably long dead but here's mine anyway
Earth DP.jpgSANY1478.JPG
thats pretty sick dude. =)
cheers, I posted instructions a while back :D
Hey Ferrari484, check out my modern fighter jet, ive had it built for a couple of years but modified it several times. Features: Folding landing gear Wing lights Engine Retractable Chainguns Please comment on what you think.
ferrari484 (author)  kiwi_soccer_maniac8 years ago
Thanks yours isn't bad either. Is their and instructable of it coming? KSM
ferrari484 (author)  kiwi_soccer_maniac6 years ago
You know it's small. There aren't many parts. But still doesn't look bad at all.
i built your plane using just the picture then put a v1 engine in it. It looks more like a spitfire because the cockpit is spitfire look. Right now im making a p51 mustang(its gonna be big) lol. =)
Now this is more like it! This is my vote for the winner in this contest!
Doctor What8 years ago
You should actually try to make one that can fly. I'm not trying to dis you or anything, it is a very good design. I'm talking about seeing if you can make knex fly. It would be interesting to see.
simple, throw it
Off a building. Onto some children.
Probably lol
ferrari484 (author)  Doctor What6 years ago
 It would be nice to try. But then it won't just be knex. 
exactly. The plane might all be foam and engine stuff plus only about seven pieces of knex.
I'm sorry, but making knex fly sounds ridiculous and impossible to me.
i have seen this before, but how about you rig a motor to the ceiling and tie a string to it and the plane. like the plane in toy story, when buzz jumps of the bed and grabs onto it. :)
themaddog6 years ago
im a currently building a large plane that probley going to fly because i understand the way you make planes]
cool. once you finish please post because no one has been able to make knex fly without throwing it
Pat Sowers8 years ago
That looks like a Mustang but its not. A spitfire?
ferrari484 (author)  Pat Sowers6 years ago
 The first doesn't really look like one. Because it's full of gaps. But the latest version does.
ferrari484 (author)  Pat Sowers8 years ago
clean your eyes man =-) almost every ww2 plane looks like each other
and i no i have to improve it but it still looks more like a spitfire than a mustang
MI6 ferrari4848 years ago
Only to the stupid untrained eye my plump brother.
ferrari484 (author)  MI67 years ago
Now i know where your picture is from Saving Private Ryan where the sniper shoots a other sniper right through the scoop, right?
at first i thought it was a mustang but then a noticed that it didnt have the thing under it. (cant remember what that is under the mustang)
spitfire has elliptical shape wings as its giveaway
MI6 drummer ian8 years ago
so very true
i see now
MI6 Pat Sowers8 years ago
No s***
nice job man looks good!
TigerNod7 years ago
A very impressive plane, though I don't really like the WW2 planes.
TigerNod7 years ago
The model 2319 standard issue Firehawk starfighter V1.2.2. An incredibly fast (Mach 14) but not so maneuvreble sci-fi starfighter. Armed to the teeth with missiles, railguns and a heavy plasma cannon of small size. Can transform into the Banshee, the most manouvreble starfighter in the universe, though it can only reach 700 kmph. (430 mph.) The name and looks from the Firehawk were inspired by the GDI Firehawk from Command and Conquer 3. The name and looks of the Banshee were inspired by the Nod Banshee from Command and Conquer 2 and by some alien aircraft from Starfighter:Dispuited Galaxy. Perhaps I will even post it soon. So, tell me what you think!
Knex Firehawk.jpgKnex Firehawk bovenaan.jpgKnex Firehawk cockpit.jpgKnex Firehawk van achteren.jpgKnex Banshee.jpgKnex Banshee bovenaan.jpgKnex Banshee cockpit.jpgKnex Banshee van achteren.jpg
frag master7 years ago
posted the p-38. its called KNEX P-38. ENJOY
frag master7 years ago
i just built a knex p-38 lightening. i have also built a 4-5 foot long b-25c mitchel. it has a 4ft wingspan. ahould i post pictures. make them instructables?
ferrari484 (author)  frag master7 years ago
just post some pictures and then let everybody else decide
frag master7 years ago
i also rigged a knex motor inside the b-25. it does not work very well though. gonna switch it to pullback motor. i will post both motor setups if i post the b-25.
knex lordcs7 years ago
oh and i made it have remot controlled bomb droping system,i am now working on a b-25, almost done though.
knex lordcs7 years ago
dam dude thats all the better you can doo? i made a spit fire with six foot wing spand, working remote controlled wing guns and remote controled landing gear! the only other thing i could do is make it fly
Gimme a P, Gimme an O, Gimme an S, Gimme a T. What's that spell? Please post that uber amazing plane of your's.
ferrari484 (author)  Oompa-Loompa7 years ago
you make nice guns
TY but guns are one thing, I'd much prefer to be better at stuff like this.
ferrari484 (author) 7 years ago
it is finally posted
FSPilotsuk7 years ago
it dont hav to fly we will see about that
23GUITAR058 years ago
this is a hawker hurricane or typhoon rite?
MI6 23GUITAR058 years ago
Lol its funny because most people havent heard of those so you should be ahead of the game. Instead, you become the biggest dips**t ever and say that it isnt a spitfire !!! Could it be more obvious ?!!!!!!
MI68 years ago
Im glad it doesnt have to fly. Knex cant generate lift and is too heavy. There was instructions for an ace helicopter that looks like a Bell Huey in the 'manual' that i got with my knex. Spitfire was good but boring. Corsair much more interesting . I say no more.
kretep958 years ago
cool, awesome plane could you try to show how you made it please? thnx
ojochris8 years ago
Did you post this?
gunman948 years ago
any 1 hear of rq-1 predator drone make that i dare ya
Hephestus8 years ago
post it, its really cool!!!!!!!
Genova1118 years ago
nice plane. glad to see someone building something other than a gun.
jayg50008 years ago
Wow great plane. I've never seen one like that done before.
ryan knexer8 years ago
i like your airplaines :P
ryan knexer8 years ago
hey! nice plaine!