Knex rbg shotgun

So in thisvideo Adam Mclaughlin built a shotgun. I wanted to make it but the butt and pump are hard to make because of the lack of angles. So if anyone can help me by telling me how to attach the pump or make the butt thanks.

1. Side view of barrel
2. Pistols attached
3. Pistols detached
4. Front of pump
5. Side of pump

Picture of Knex rbg shotgun
Photo 333.jpg
Photo 332.jpg
Photo 330.jpg
Photo 331.jpg
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dont u mean rpg not rbg RPG(rocket propelled grenade) RBG(IDK!?!?!??!?)
alecgates15 (author)  wats-a-username8 years ago
Rubber band gun...
oh... my... god.... those guns have flooded instructables and u might as well use your hand as a rubber band gun. rubber band guns are so pointless i hate them. it really needs to fire projectiles in stead of rubber bands.
alecgates15 (author) 10 years ago
He removed the video. Great
Danny10 years ago
i dont think the pump does anything
alecgates15 (author)  Danny10 years ago
I know I'm just trying to make it as true to his as possible
Danny alecgates1510 years ago
ok then i wouldnet worry about it till the end
Neo110 years ago
please post
alecgates15 (author)  Neo110 years ago
can't figure out the trigger, butt, and pump
make it butt less and us a pistol grip