Knex sniper

This is a Knex Sniper my friend and I made. we combined many mechanisms, ideas, and concepts from other guns to create this one. We would like to know if we should POST instructions. It fires a bit farther then the original scar and the grenade launcher is quite powerful depending on the amount of rubberbands.

We would like to Credit: Best knex from youtube, Rofo12 from youtube, Alingarhs from Instructables, Bruce911from Instructables, Mepain from Instructables, and if we forgot to mention you then pm us and we will add you to our list asap :) =) =)

SO if you would like instructions for this awesome sniper/gun please comment!!!

37.5 inches long

Grenade Launcher shoot grenades 16 feet and lands at about 26.5 feet (this can be made farther just add more rubber bands

Any problems with this instructables please comment and ill be sure to respond asap
Grenade Launcher shooting White rod (little one) can launch it about 24 ft and continues to idk

We haven't made the main firing test yets but will get the results in soon

Also if you have any ideas for a better name for this gun please tell us

Knex sniper

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33devon7 years ago
can i have the instructions of the gun pls i need a good knex gun :) :) :)
micahmojo28 years ago
Post instructions!!!!!!!!!! I've been looking for a really good sniper to build and I think this might be the one! I tried to build Gorkems gun but not very good instructions. Post instructions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dudle8 years ago
post instuctions
T-man9 years ago
mepain copy
what do u guys me seconded?
He means that he agrees with what he is replying to.
KNEX BUILDING IS FUN (author)  knexguy9 years ago
ooh thx
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