Knex sniper rifle

HI. This is my new knex sniper rifle that i made. Here are some features. 1 the ram dosent fall out, the ram dosent stick out of the gun, begging true trigger, fires yellow rods, powerful, sturdy desine for minimum breaking, recoil is in the mid to balance it out, detachable tripod or bipod, and its longer than my paint ball gun. Here are some pics, if you like go to dannys fourum topic and vote on is the pic order.

1 as you can see this sniper is longer than my paintball gun
2 Hahahahahah i got more knex than yoooouuuu!!! =P
3 this is the trigger mechinisum when its not pulled.
4 Sorry for the blurry pic but this is the trigger when pulled.
5 looking at the stock of the gun.
6 The front
7 The chamber where you put the rods in
8 a last look at the trigger mech.
9 the whole gun. Beuty eh?
I hope you like this, dont forget to vote on this in dannys fourum.

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altaria199310 years ago
i have more k'nex :P
knex hater hater (author)  altaria199310 years ago
Well, i have less money than yoooouuuuuuuu!!! hahahahha. in your face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
w8... thats not good calling yourself poor =/ i got more knex and 2kg cost me 3.20 pounds wich is like $6 and ive got more
Dude where from! I live in England, so should be easy enough. -Looks at date- Oh F**K!
do u live in england then?
yes i do
whereabouts i live in margate
i still need to pay 60 euros to my dad, and 5 to my brother. pwnt alty
funguy294678 years ago
ya ik your not even close i have like 3 rolller coaster sets 2 value tubs and a bunch of other things
pakman2279 years ago
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