Knex sniper rifle

I have a partially completed sniper at home and i wanted to know if you guys want me to finish and post it, i mean, theres no point posting if it gets a cr*p reception, eh? And it is currently unnamed so i am open to suggestions about that aswell. At the moment it has a cool carrying strap (not mine), a bolt loading system (classic) a bipod, a monopod, and a nifty scope (not mine) I am also working on a new mech for possible semi auto, ill get back to you if it gets anywhere.

Picture of Knex sniper rifle
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Smasher5557 years ago
I think the scope looks the best. Does it shoot?
misectet7 years ago
Rhino258 years ago
Call it the Paper Shreader
nerfer Rhino258 years ago
Rhino258 years ago
Can you post it as it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DJ Radio8 years ago
I kinda think the carrying strap on a rifle with a scope is not a good idea, since it would just get in the way.
show the strap plzz i wanna put on mine if u dont mind
MI69 years ago
Liek the scope, stock's ok, and the bipod and the barrel is too weak.
jellybean10122 (author)  MI69 years ago
yes, i took off the barrel, im adding a new one.
DJ Radio9 years ago
if u post, call it the longbow SR-L
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