Knex sr v2.

This is my version of the sr v2. it fires up to about 200ft, nothing really more (i used way better bands then the ones in the pictures). its accuracy is good up to about 50ft. i made it way stronger than the original one. credit goes to the_burrito_master for the bipod.

Picture of Knex sr v2.
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nebih6 years ago
THIS IS EPIC!!! you are always build epic things to bad i am to dumb to figure out how to build something this cool! XD
no one is dumb keep your head up dude
have you met me im dumb when it comes to building knex guns... and i dont have enough knex anyways so i never get the chance to try and build one...
~nebih loves jaffa cakes and the yogscast and georgie (my dog)
oh keep trying yul make some thing cool i have faith in you
~KGB~ (author)  nebih6 years ago
nebih ~KGB~6 years ago
your welcome! =)
~KGB~ (author)  nebih6 years ago
MegaMetal86 years ago
Which set of instructions and what mech is it (Sear/ratchet/ect)
~KGB~ (author)  MegaMetal86 years ago
sr v2 mech, look at lowneys srv2 ible for it...
Ok, but is it a completely different mech, or a ratchet,sear etc?
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