Knex tracer rounds??

is there anyway to make a tracer round with these rods

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DrWeird1178 years ago
Yeah, I use glow sticks coated with epoxy sometimes. They look AWESOME.
DrWeird1178 years ago
I coated a red with Gasoline! Um? Um....Aw...
knexguy8 years ago
From the pic it looks like a fluorescent bulb with a contact ring at one end. Just solder two wires and a battery to one end, stick in in a muzzle loader and fire it! Don't actually try soldering anything to a battery by the way, but if you did use a battery holder you may as well just fire the light module too.
knexguy knexguy8 years ago
Whoops, just looked again and saw it wasn't a bulb but more of an optic cable. oh well :]
Masterdude8 years ago
You could try to put phosphorescent paint on them.
Katarukito (author)  Masterdude8 years ago
neat idea
alfpwns8 years ago
no clue but GLOW STICKS work!!!!!!!!
Katarukito (author)  alfpwns8 years ago
i use them all the time
Katarukito (author)  alfpwns8 years ago
on slingshots and cannons?
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