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I am considering posting another transformer instructable from my collection of transformers i have. It whas been a while since i posted anything and wanted to conduct a poll to decide if and what i should post. So for this poll please on one submission per person and to include only the following: If you want to see a new transformer instructable yes or no and your reason why also which one of the many transformers i have posted you want to see. Depending on the outcome of this i will make my decison

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knexarmy5 years ago
now that you made them make them move better im just sayn they dont move like they should
glitched9700 (author)  knexarmy5 years ago
Knex are not the most forgiving when it comes to articulation. So when creating them I got the transformations as accurate as I can, but making it pose is another thing all together.
jingo696 years ago
wow I love all the transformers on this site, especialy yours and I have now subscribed Ive always wanted to make a knex bumblebee but I dont have enough joints. I wanted to make one like battlefronts bumblebee as the new camaro
glitched9700 (author)  jingo696 years ago
The Bumblebee Camaro Transformer posted by Battlefront, is my design that he reverse engineered.
all awesome
brainiac1206 years ago
I woul like the yellow and red car
hey everyone! I was able to build optimus from a picture that I downloaded to my computer from this site. I might even show you a picture of it too! It took me four days to build too. Glitched9700 you are incredible at building knex transformers and keep up the great work.
glitched9700 (author)  battlefront19 years ago
4 days isn't bad took me took me longer to create him originally, can't wait to see it. I spent a most of my summer building them, Ironhide took me about 4 different versions be4 i got it right.
How long did it take you to build bumblebee
glitched9700 (author)  battlefront19 years ago
well that wasn't my first design, it was redesigned probably 3 times be4 i got it to that version so a while i don't remember the length of time but alot of trial and error never got it on the first try.
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