Knex triple tape dispencer.

I was really bored and decided to make a tape dispencer for 3 rolls of electrical tape i recently bought. each roll is 20 meters long.

Picture of Knex triple tape dispencer.
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MegaMetal86 years ago
haha, nice.
~KGB~ (author)  MegaMetal86 years ago
Thanks =D
I have seen a few tape dispensers, they are quite cool, but lack something special. How about a mechanism that cuts the tape when you push it down, like The Knex hole punch by shadowman
YEAH DUDEZY! I built all your and SM39's series of awesome machines. You've GOTTA do another one please :)
~KGB~ (author)  TheFoofinator6 years ago
I modded it a bit, ill post pics soon.
~KGB~ (author) 6 years ago
Thanks =D
lol, looks cool
~KGB~ (author)  dr. richtofen6 years ago
Thanks =D
np XD
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