Knex underbarrel chainsaw

so i was bored one day and i made a knex underbarrel chainsaw attachment, it works tho, but the chain doesnt have little hooks so its safe to use in and out of knex combat
it was really really bulky and rather heavy, it uses a modified knex motor and a micro chain
you should be able to build it from the pictures
oh by the way the gear closest to the handle is a bit to the side so the chain is a bit crooked

Picture of Knex underbarrel chainsaw
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random_builder11 months ago

Looks good, but why did someone copy your chainsaw? Yours is looks a lot better

Kona-chan (author)  random_builder11 months ago

who what where? who copied my chainsaw????

The one in the picture. That ugly black one.

Kona-chan (author)  random_builder11 months ago

that's what i based it off

Ok, but yours still looks a lot better.

Neat, yours looks even better then the "real" one.


Kona-chan (author)  CorgiCritter2 years ago

thanks :3


Kona-chan (author)  nerfrocketeer2 years ago

thanks :)