Knex update- 10/19/2010

I realize a lot of people are disappointed over my last forum topic and got really pissed off at me. So to make up for it, I am showing you a video of my latest knex project- It is not finished however, because I don't have as much time as I used to.

This was the fourth day of building my Halo battle rifle, I have made much more progress on this gun since the video was taken.

I was originally going to put this in a huge "Making of" video with a bunch of other clips but my iPhone 4 got confiscated today by my French teacher, so I can't do that until November 4.

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Looks cool, I'll be looking forward to building it. :)

P.S. Finally, someone is making a decent Battle Rifle.
and me?
DJ Radio (author)  dutchwarlord7 years ago
All your angles are off, and your barrel and scope are square, not round. Also yours isn't bullpup.
that's right
hope you making a really good one
p.s halo is one of my most played games
DJ Radio (author)  dutchwarlord7 years ago
Got skype or something? I can give you a preview of what I have so far. I've finished 1 of the 5 layers entirely, and I just need to complete the back portion and the magazine. However I need to buy more parts to finish it, it's freakin monsterous!
i have no skype.
maby you can gave me it by message?
DJ Radio (author)  dutchwarlord7 years ago
I cant send images via PM.
damit, email?
DJ Radio (author)  dutchwarlord7 years ago
Why not get skype?
yes, you too. It's just at the time I didn't have enough pieces.
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