Knex video camera holder (TNKIT entry)

This is a knex video camera holder I threw together in like 5 minutes.  The original one failed and also used too many parts.

This camera can be either used with a quad pod, or be mounted on most 5 layer thick knex guns with addons. 

The camera is easy to put in and take out, but when its in, you can't make it fall out.  Surprisingly, it's very sturdy, and can be used as an FPS view in a knex war and an alternate scope.

I was gonna add yellow  rods into the midsection like I did with the sides, but I ran out of red connectors, so I couldn't.  Just pretend they are there.

Picture of Knex video camera holder (TNKIT entry)
Video camera 004.JPG
Video camera 001.JPG
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Katarukito8 years ago
Tsk tsk tsk a pink pencil in the background..
DJ Radio (author)  Katarukito8 years ago
Too bad nobody but you gives a sh**.
Oblivitus8 years ago
Cool, but I would want a plastic shield to put in front of the lens to prevent scratching in the event that it gets shot at.
Agree, but that couldn't be knex and would lower quality maybe. (If its dirty)
I would rather have an unbroken lens.
DJ Radio (author)  Oblivitus8 years ago
Get some plastic from a store, tape it on.  There is no "See through" knex, unless you count those clear rods, but then again, they are not transparent.
Yeah, that's what I'd do.
DJ Radio (author)  Oblivitus8 years ago
BTW, can I be your #1 buddy?
No, why?
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