Knex voice chat

download the client : client
register : register
after installing, log in
then click Voice
then go to the bottom and click Add
then click " by searching "
and search for knexpert then add to public servers

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knexfan91829 years ago
i would but theres 2 thing i wont like about that i CANT stand squeaky voices and im not on that much
Katarukito (author)  knexfan91829 years ago
i dont have squeaky voice
No i wasnt taking about you i was saying that b/c alot of the people in the videos on this site do.
lo lthats cause most of them are under 14
its not its the 9-11 year olds that have the squeaky voices
im 13 and i have a squeaky voice.. sorta
Katarukito (author)  knexfan91829 years ago
ThEoNeS9 years ago
Ill be sure to join later.
ThEoNeS ThEoNeS9 years ago
But, mind my high-pitched voice. I hate to use my Rock Band mike, so for some reason, its transfers my voice to either really high, or low.
lol I know a lot of younger people build with knex but c'mon I know most of them are starting to become teenagers. Go through puberty already dangit!!
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