K'nex war log entry 2.

Here it is. 10/4/09 (continued) The SR-v2 men were ready to attack, but the KI army was still laying ammo like rain. I shot my sniper ( O.S.S.R ) at the army. I took out one guy. The leader of the group of IN ( KILLERK )shouted a FIRE and all 34 SR-v2 men pulled the trigger. It was amazing. The WHOLE frontline was severely damaged and the medics took them out. Our guys didn't have a big loss of people, just a couple of newcomers. Then a weird thing happened. The youtube guns came out. You can imagine how well they fared. The outside world laughed at our conflict. They don't even know how hard it was. Some guys took one in the eye and got blinded. To be continued...

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knexguy8 years ago
Ok, this is the most ridiculous way of taking the piss out of KI.
NYPA (author)  knexguy8 years ago
This was created because i was bored in school. I seem to get my best ideas when i'm bored in school.
But that is a stupid idia
Merugop8 years ago
 1 more thing
Burrito's are freaking awsome
Merugop8 years ago
 KI sucks man
ga dit maar lekker vertalen
razzlekunai8 years ago
Tu "idea" es horrible.
Que asco!
Sí, Estoy muy de acuerdo.
NYPA (author)  Whaleman8 years ago
No, no lo son!
Whaleman NYPA8 years ago
'Son'? Eso no tiene sentido! Sólo había uno 'idea'! ¿Por qué tú responda? Yo no era el instigador, sólo el seguidor.
I suck at foreign languages so what are you guys saying????
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