Knex wars?

I remember reading about Nerf guns once, and there was a site called "Nerf Haven". It was a pretty popular site and they would have "Nerf wars" a couple times a year. In these wars they would get together someplace and just play with their Nerf guns. So I was thinking "Why not do this with Knex?".

So who thinks this could be a possibility for the future? People could go to show off their creations, compete in contests, but the main reason to go would be to have a Knex war. It would also be a great way to answer some questions like:

Are MGs worth the long reload?
Are powerful single shots or guns with magazines better?
Do tiny guns have a place in battle?

Tell we what you guys think, maybe this could be the future of Knex guns =P

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I two live in in America unlike almost every one here but i think it is a great idea to have knex wars .... maybe a knex tournament . we could all meet somewhere over summer or on a weekend and rent  an area to play. their will be multiple teams.
alecgates1510 years ago
Well since it would cost a lot to rent a warehouse I say we should... == BUILD OUR OWN ARENA XD ==
 that idea is yum yum
best . idea. ever.
knex arena?
great idea!!
i have 12 friends who are knexers and we have a war once a month, i think it is great because i can test out my newest guns. recently i feild tested my new sniper and found that it was far too long (the one I will be posing is half the length) as for your questions: mg's are good but i prefer to have pre-loaded belts of 30-50 bullets that way it is easier to reload a powerful single shot is only good for a sniper tiny guns are only good for close quarters fighting.
Dang, I can't find anyone around where I live that builds k'nex guns.
A sniper can never be too long.
it was as tall as i am and I'm about 1.7 meters tall. it owned up when i was outside and sniping but as soon as i went inside it was completely impractical
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