KnexFlux Forum Constest: Win prizes of up to 20€!

Dear Builder! Do you want to participate in a K'NEX contest to win cool prizes?

Participate now by building a K'NEX tower consisting of maximum 50 pieces!
The challenge is to make the tower as high as possible, but it must be able to support 4 Large K'NEX wheels on top! (weight: 202 grams / 7.12 ounces, see image below)

  1. First Prize: 20€ (or equivalent in your currency)
  2. Second Prize: 10€
  3. Third Prize: 5€
  • Most Beautiful tower: Mention in Knexflux-profile (will be selected by public poll after the competition)
  • Strongest tower: Mention in Knexflux-profile
  • Least pieces used: Mention in Knexflux-profile

Entries can be submitted starting from 1st of July 2017, ending at 15th of July 2017 at 13:00 hours (UTC +01:00)
Follow this link to see all rules, the process of judging and more important data: https://knexflux.net/p2348

Please join this awesome contest at Knexflux.net! Good luck with building!

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Kona-chan6 days ago

you had me at free money, what contraption do i need to build?

You need to make a tower as high as you can, but you can only use 50 pieces, and the tower needs to be strong enough to hold at least four big tires on top.

I'm thinking about giving my old bolt action hunting rifle a rebuild

GWorks (author)  Kona-chan6 days ago

Free money... if you win :P please follow the link, see if you agree with the rules, then make an account on KnexFlux (not really necessary, but preferred) and you can participate

I think I already have an account but I'm sure I forgot my login stuff

Sorunome12 days ago

This is going to be a lot of fun :3

GWorks (author)  Sorunome12 days ago

Oh hell yes!