K'nexecutioner 2.0 - "Cyclone"

EDIT: Cyclone's instructable is complete.


It works in the same way as the K'nexecutioner, but is much better designed.

- More power - safely uses double the rubber bands of each barrel as the first K'nexecutioner

- One-handed Uzi configuration inspired by the Perfect Dark weapon "Cyclone" (I am using two in the video)

- Can use any size rod but holds onto (won't drop) blue rods. (firing all grey rods in the video)

I have doubts that anyone at all built my K'nexecutioner, so I'm hoping that this one, smaller, is more possible. If you have the parts to build TWIN cyclones, though, you won't regret it!

Hoo-ah! Pictures! And a new video!

Picture of K'nexecutioner 2.0 -
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MI69 years ago
That's some power
what are the white rods on the ends for?
They gently hold the ammo in place. As far as I know, the K'nexecutioner was the first to use this.
actually,it was odalumps machine gun,look at the ammo,a grey connector holds the rod in place.
Perfect Duck (author)  knex hater hater10 years ago
Yes but that's completely different. I'm pretty sure I invented this method of tucking a rod into another to hold it in place, unless someone can show me where else it's been used.
but doesnt that increase friction and decrease power?
It takes merely a tap for it to let go, and I don't know of any better way of holding in rods that could fit in so tight of an area. Weight is an issue, too. By the way, your calling attention to that component brought about a new idea that even more vastly improves on the barrels. By moving the white rods further back, Cyclone can now properly hold onto ANY size rod (because it's tucking into the rear end instead of the front), making it very ammo-versatile.
Have you tried using the mechanism I have on my bullets? They release the friction at the same time as they are fired. Anyways, this is definitely the best MG I've seen. I'll actually make it.
Perfect Duck (author)  oodalumps10 years ago
The parts that hold the rubber bands are between the trigger and the ammo because I want long barrels. (longer travel space, more time to accelerate) The system is ingenious, but incompatible.
Well yet again an engineering master piece.
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