Knexer quiz. You may have seen a few of these before, done by Lemonie and Jayefuu, but I just couldnt resist making one for the knexers!

I do ask one thing of you though, if you know more than one of them, please only answer one, to give others a chance, thanks :-)

Every picture represents a well-known knexer, can you guess them right? :-)

Sorry guys, but there are no prizes :-(

The first picture is an example on how to solve these, it says hiyadudez, and the answer would look like this:

Hill + Yard sale + Dudel + (ez)

Now some may be quite difficult, but some may be very easy.

I will say it again to be clear, I ask one thing of you, if you know more than one of them, please only answer one, to give others a chance, thanks :-)

1. Hill + Yard sale + Dudel + (z)
2. Where Dutch people live + World War 1 + Lord of the rigs (Congrats Knex mad)
3. Shad + Mow  + Man + (39) (Congrats Shadowman39!
4. Oblivion rollercoaster + iTunes (Congrats LaserJunkie)
5. Goo + Train (Quite easy but congrats Motaboi)
6. Iron + Man (Congrats Knexfan9182)
7. Killer whale + Safety hat + Nutcracker (Congrats Knex gun builder)
8. Knee + Exilim + Free to dance + (K) (Congrats Perkinator)
9. Chocolate log + Ice cubes + Buoy (Congrats Dsman195276)
10. Love + Down + Eye (Congrats Killer~safecracker

Good luck!

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LaserJunkie7 years ago
is 3 oblivitus?

OBLIVion rollercoaster + ITUneS

 yay :) you got it :)
Hiyadudez (author)  LaserJunkie7 years ago
Congrats! You got the last one!

I will add your answer!
KnexFreek7 years ago
 LOL i was on there and i didnt even know it :)
Perkinator7 years ago
Is number 3 Knexfreek?


Knee + Exilim + Free to dance + (K)
Hiyadudez (author)  Perkinator7 years ago
Congrats! I will add up you're answer!

That was the hardest one.
Hiyadudez (author) 7 years ago
Can anyone figure out the last 2 left?
Kairah7 years ago
 Does anyone know number 11 yet?? lol
Shadowman397 years ago
I know what number 3 is, but I already guessed one. :-P
Hiyadudez (author)  Shadowman397 years ago
Lol, you didnt technically guess it, because you didnt give a proper answer.

Go on, answer it!
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