Knexer ratings

I would like to find out how everyone thinks of the knexers here.
Rate form 1 to 10
1= Horrible
2= Very Bad
3= Bad
4= Not Good
5= Getting there
6= Okay
7= Good
8= Really Good
9= Awesome
10= Knex God

Now just rate these Knexers
3.Perfect Duck

You cannot rate your self
Example Post:
1. 10
2. 10
3. 10
4. 10
5. 9
6. 8
8. 7
9. 8
10. 7

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Kiteman9 years ago
I'd like to propose an addition: if a K'Nexer has only published weapons, subtract 6 from their rating.

If a K'Nexer has never published a weapon, add six to their rating.

(I'm finished with the spoon now, dear.)
We have a "be nice" comment policy. Please be positive and constructive with your comments or risk being banned from our site're trying to threaten Kiteman with banning...won't work...
Old news, knexgun - read that post in context with my other K'NEX posts, and you will see that I am being constructive.

Don't forget, "constructive comments" does not mean "only say good stuff" - it means "say stuff to make it good". K'NEX has a bad image here, and I am doing my best to fix it. It doesn't help when those I am trying to help throw it back in my face.
why can't we reply to posts that happened a while ago? it can't hurt
Except when it drags up and restarts arguments that had been forgotten. Plus, I didn't say knexgun couldn't post, I just pointed out that his comments were on an old thread, and wrong, presumably because he hadn't bothered to read any further down the thread, or any of my other related posts.
jollex (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
True, but I don't do that, do I?
Kiteman jollex9 years ago
No, you don't.
Do I?

But you do get bored and dig out two-month-old comments.
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