K'nexers (and others too) - please read

I have noticed recently that a number of members have been arguing with each other, and myself over similar subjects. Some of it is still hanging over from the zak incident which has subsided now. But, the majority of it is to do with skill, and hierarchy. Let me tell you all something, and it does apply to almost all k'nexers, including me, except for a select few.

K'nex is a toy, in principle. It is meant to be fun. The whole point of k'nex on instructables in the first "era" (and, in fact, instructables itself) was to show the world what you have made (I have been browsing the site since mid 2007, and have witnessed this). But in the last year or so, in the k'nex section of instructables, k'nex hasn't been meant just for fun for a lot of people. It has become a competition. I don't know why, but it started at the invention of KI. Now I'm not pointing fingers, but since the split of members, there has been a rivalry between KI and instructables. Then, KI members decided that they were all better and more advanced in k'nexing skill that iblers, and then the majority quit ibles all together. This started a full scale feud. There are arguments, not because of the people, but because of their website "allegience".

Now, this has become even worse, with people coming in from nothing and arguing simply because they can.

K'nex is a toy, meant to be fun. There should be no competition, or hierarchy. We seem to have forgotten the whole point of the site. To show the world what you have made, and to help each other make them better, not to make fun of people who aren't as good as you. We can still have fun, just don't make fun and arguments.


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DJ Radio8 years ago
If you heard episode 1 of knex podcast, someone said that "the people who are competing are having fun because of the competition." Sure the site sux, but sometimes they say good stuff.
knex podcast?
The site doesn't suck. You just dislike it because you lost a battle you started.
Nobody cares anymore....
You clearly do, since you never keep quiet about it. You keep coming into KI under different alias'. You also post comments, but yeah you're right, nobody cares, you're a nobody.
You do realize white_flag has a meaning to it? In the millitary, it means that you won't attack. And no, I aint a nobody, if anything, you are.
Mkay. So you admit you were wrong? And you don't understand the meaning of the word "nobody".
Seriously, why are you so negative about everything? Its not like you have any good ables. All you do is criticize. Its getting old. Dj's one of the best people on here-and he didn't even say anything and you start insulting him. If your going to saying at least make it worth saying.
Lolk, people have seen my guns. You, have not.
Then post them as a slideshow or something...
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