Knexers who play call of duty 4 or 5 on wii.

Just wondering if any knexers play call of duty 4 or 5 online on the wii?

Picture of Knexers who play call of duty 4 or 5 on wii.
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Drew99-KGB4 years ago
Hey. I know you posted this awhile back and the chances that you still play are really low, but I play cod 5 on wii a few times a week . I'm pretty new but I am getting pretty good at it. I'm also planning on getting Black ops for wii soon. Just thought I would tell you. My game name is either Drew1999, Drew99, or NewGuy.
~KGB~ (author)  Drew99-KGB4 years ago
lol, i play mw3 now. lol, dont get black ops for the wii, worst game ever made in the world! XD
Oh, Really. I played it on ps3 at a friends house and it didn't seem that bad. But I'll take your word for it. After all you probably know more about these games than I do. I'll see if I can get mw3 anytime soon. It was between those 2 and I just picked black ops because I had already played it once. Do you use the classic controller or classic controller pro for mw3?
rheath24 years ago
Battlefield 3 + MW3 = Crazy, Realistic, War
~KGB~ (author)  rheath24 years ago
MegaMetal86 years ago
Wii + gun games = Rubbish
megametal8 + that comment above = graphics fanboy
I did not mention graphics at all in the comment.

*Rolls eyes "Would people look at the date of comments"
sorry for that.
Most comments i read about that subject were about the graphics of the wii.
again sorry
with this comment I give my sincere apologies for my behaviour and i shall never say that again

ps: sorry for the necroïng on my comment above
Thankyou. Its not like the end of the world, ill sub u
ok, thanks for subbin'
~KGB~ (author)  dr. richtofen4 years ago
~KGB~ (author)  dr. richtofen4 years ago
i agree with you.
ach so...
~KGB~ (author)  dr. richtofen4 years ago
that means something like ''ah, i get it'' in german
~KGB~ (author)  dr. richtofen4 years ago
ok =D
PS3 or Xbox + gun games = :D
wii shooters ar more fun becus... You use real triggers and hold proper guns instead of just pushin buttons and you have to actually aim istead of just moving a stick. And dont go on about kinetic because that will suck because you hold nothing witch for me ruines the whole game.
Playstation move comes out soon which is like a wii remotes And I have seen some move zappers about
But with playststion move ( this is from all i know about it) you dont point at the screen
What?! It's literally wii remote with nunchuck But black and its got a changing colour ball on top of the main remote
But, you dont point at the screen with it because a blob of colour from the bulb comes up on the screen, ex... If you hold it face up the blob on the screen will still be there, if you put it in the bottem left of the screen and point it to the top right it wont move
You guys are still arguing over this? I laugh at the little kids who think the console you own matters. True gamers are the ones who have fun with what they play. Graphics don't make the game, gameplay does. The funny thing is that I could still have a good chance at beating you if I were to use a dual analog controller but you would horribly suck against Wii players if you first tried using the remote.
''True gamers are the ones who have fun with what they play. Graphics don't make the game, gameplay does. ''

That's very true
Yup. I have a Wii and its great. An Xbox would be nice because all my friends have them and I'd be able to play online with them, but the Wii has some pretty good games. And, just my opinion, PlayStation is totally ripping off the Wii.
Theres only 3 things that would make the wii better than a ps3: Graphics, dvd(or blue-ray), be able to see when your friends are online.
What are you on about Here's a pic, It's like a wii remote

And  here's a zapper

But you cant point with that
No , because how the move works is it detects the light coming from the remote,but because the made the light sorce sticking out in a bulb shape when you point nothing will happen becausr you arnt moving the bulb.
Yes you can point with it. it has motion sensors you know like the wii has! it uses the ball for telling you stuff and the 3D position read up before debating things
No, i have seen gamepkay with itand they just drag a blob across the screen,
so have iand you can "drag a blob across the screen" but you can also point. what do you have against the playstation move?
I dont have anything against playstation or pm. Just thought, does the sensor bar have leds in it??? If it doesnt then you cant point with it.
i dont know but i think it has motion sensors inside the remote.
what do you think about the kinect?
Actually, I think Wii does better with gun games because of ability to point it at the screen. It makes it much easier to aim... Have you played one before anyway?
no, they are way better on xbox, especially nazi zombies der reise
You never answered the question. You can't say simply that they are better on Xbox without providing reason, and we are not talking about nazi zombie games, we are talking about COD5 and 6.
proper gamers play ps3 and xbox
Well said
You really do suck at debating. You can't just say 'proper gamers play PS3 and Xbox' you have to back up your points or else they all count for nothing other then opinion.
you make yourself look geeky if you do like a whole explanation
No it doesn't. That's just an excuse for not understanding what he said.
Go away, Who asked you? Who actually shouted "HEY JAMMY COME REPLY TO THIS COMMENT BY MEGAMETAL8?!" Your a month an a few weeks late anyway so go away
It's called a "comment". People "Comment" on the situation, what they see, what they like or disagree with. Therefore, I was perfectly within my rights to reply. I don't need to be asked. I won't go away really, I'm just as entitled to explore this site as you are.
There's also a be nice policy But i don't think you've ever heard of it?!
"you make yourself look geeky if you do like a whole explanation" Bloody Hypocrite.
And so what if I look geeky, thats way better then some fat tool like you.
Hey now, it's video gaming... the idea is to have fun. No one else can tell you what's fun so let's not fight about it, hmm?
nazi zombies is in cod 5, xbox has better graphics, more detailed, better gameplay, more fluid movement..... the list is never ending. throw away your toy (Wii) and get a real console (Xbox 360/Ps3).
Yeah, but the controls are for couch potatoes! What Xbox game can you shoot at zombies WHILE ACTUALLY AIMING at the screen? What Xbox game is available in true 3D? Who wants to spend $40 buying games/movies off Xboxlive with microsoft points while you can spend $1 getting 1000 Wii points, and 2000 Wii points buys you a proper full game! Xbox may have better graphics, but you can't say more detailed, have you played Red Steel 2? Silent Hill: Shattered memories? Super Mario Galaxy? Also not all the games on Xbox would be more detailed, at least 60% would be horrible games, even though the same thing occurs with the Wii. Better gameplay? Are you joking? Come on, lying sideways on a couch craning your neck hammering at buttons is better than swinging a sword with real true proper movements (See RedSteel2)? I disagree. More fluid movement? The Wii is actually quite powerful with up to 70FPS and a 128bit video card? I'm not denying that the Xbox and the PS3 are powerful, but you can't say the Wii isn't.
i have played super mario galaxy... and beat it. wii is just not on the same level as ps3 and xbox. wii is a toy, xbox and ps3 are consoles.
slithien rec0n5 years ago
Just because you hate one game dosnt mean you can hate the console...
rec0n slithien5 years ago
Ive played many wii games and i have a wii. it sucks. Xbox 360 is where its at.
slithien rec0n5 years ago
What wii games have you been on then
rec0n slithien5 years ago
Supersmash bros brwal, mario galaxy 1+2, wii fit, wii sports, shaun white snowboarding, that sonic ring game, wii play, remington duckhunt, COD 5, and many more....
slithien rec0n5 years ago
I dont like any of those ganes except super smash bros and cod5. Lots if the games suck on wii but still some are awsome
OMG so because you have beat the game means it sucks? That is your opinion. Everything you say is opinion because you don't provide reason.
The Wii is less powerful. The cotrolls are less fluid. it is a good idea, but it needs to be refined. and thats where the psp move and the xbox kinect will come in.
thank you someone who agrees with me XBOX + PS3 = =D WII = :(
Have a look at the above comment of mine.
~KGB~ (author)  MegaMetal86 years ago
have you even tried them?
i know its necroïng, but i play cod 5+7 on wii. if you want to add mem my names are: mike on 5 and [nl] mike on 7
~KGB~ (author)  dr. richtofen4 years ago
ok, i dont play it anymore lol =D
~KGB~ (author)  dr. richtofen4 years ago
slithien5 years ago
pre order black ops on wii and ill add you if you do get it.
~KGB~ (author)  slithien5 years ago
ok, ill get asap! i will get it i really want it! + mw3 is coming out on the wii next year!!!
slithien ~KGB~5 years ago
I dont know wether to get modern warfare or black ops now? I will proberly get modern warfare because i was getting it untill monster huntercame out.
~KGB~ (author)  slithien5 years ago
kool, im gonna wait and buy black ops in the shop...
slithien ~KGB~5 years ago
i cant be asked to wait because i only have the conduit witch has bad online graphics,connection, scoring system and to many hackers so i will get modern warfare of amazon within 3 days and let you know when its come. can it use wii speak because i have one.
~KGB~ (author)  slithien5 years ago
kool! ill add you... i dont really know...
slithien ~KGB~5 years ago
Ok, i just got it on amazon. should get it around 3rd sep
~KGB~ (author)  slithien5 years ago
slithien ~KGB~5 years ago
lo, im getting over excited and it hasnt left amazons wherhouse yet!!!! congradulations!!!! your my 200th commentor! :O
~KGB~ (author)  slithien5 years ago
lol! yayz!!!
slithien ~KGB~5 years ago
Lol the off-line multi player sucks!!! Do you hack/glitch??? Cus i realy wanna try some of them of youtube.. BD
~KGB~ (author)  slithien5 years ago
i know! no, pure legit! im rank 55, no prestige... BD?
slithien ~KGB~5 years ago
BD...=... :). Do u want to try some glitches???
~KGB~ (author)  slithien5 years ago
ohh, lol.. i dont really need them...
slithien ~KGB~5 years ago
Ill proberly try them on my one som time then
~KGB~ (author)  slithien5 years ago
slithien ~KGB~5 years ago
~KGB~ (author)  slithien5 years ago
slithien ~KGB~5 years ago
It came at lunch time today. I got to go to bed now so ill tell u my fc when i can next.
~KGB~ (author)  slithien5 years ago
slithien ~KGB~5 years ago
My friend code is: 001960314286. If anyone else wants to add me send me your fc and i will add you.
~KGB~ (author)  slithien5 years ago
thanks! ill add you later...
slithien ~KGB~5 years ago
Do i need your code???
~KGB~ (author)  slithien5 years ago
ill give it to you when i add you
slithien ~KGB~5 years ago
Lol have you been on headquarters on shipment?? Its chaos!! Lol
~KGB~ (author)  slithien5 years ago
yup! its really hard to get killsreaks on it