Knexers with Gmail

How many of you knexers have gmail? I was wondering because we could group chat for knex if you did. If you have one, tell us so we can chat. Thanx!

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Seleziona7 years ago
Hey, I got Gmail.
sprout_less7 years ago
 Every one invite me at greenfreak225@gmail.com but don't send me spam!
 Could some people invite me besides SN31! greenfreak225@gmail.com

shadowninja31 (author)  sprout_less7 years ago
lol that makes it sound like you don't want me to invite you.
 no, you already did invite me.
shadowninja31 (author)  sprout_less7 years ago
I know.
shadowninja31 (author)  sprout_less7 years ago
I have Yahoo.
shadowninja31 (author)  I_am_Canadian8 years ago
oh thats ok. will it chat? if so, with gmail?
No, I dont have Gmail or will. Just go to the 'ibles chatroom :-) Im there when Im on.
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