Knexgunner's Sidearm

I have a new Pistol I just finished building. The problem is, that my camera broke and I need to use MLCAD and I don't know how to put a rod so it connects to a connector diagonal from it. Another problem is that I don't know how to put Black "Y" shaped connectors in the program. I know of a way, but it doesn't work and I need an idea on how to get the Black "Y" shaped connectors in the program. Please help me on how I can do this. Sorry for the boxes in other boxes I cant get rid of them.

Picture of Knexgunner's Sidearm
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DJ Radio8 years ago
is it backward?
alfpwns (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
it was designed to be for max power
alfpwns (author)  alfpwns9 years ago
accually the part that acutally blcoks the Pin is b hind the handle
knexguy alfpwns8 years ago
Even so, take off the last segment of white and oranges and you will have more travel distance for the pin, increasing power.
pls9 years ago
Wont get much power outta that trigger placement.