Knexsayer vs. BR8

I made a forum topic on which weapons people would prefer in a knex war. The knexsayer, or BR18. It seems most people prefer the BR18. Now I'm wondering: BR8, or knexsayer?
Give your opinions!

My opinion: The BR8, because it is super-light compared to the Knexsayer, and I get a better range with the BR8.

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An Villain7 years ago
This is like the M16 vs. P90 debate, for a war in close quarters and with lots of people you would want the TR-18 because it is a short weapon where the Knexsayer is large and unwieldly, but for sniping or field warfare you would want the knexsayer as it has a longer stock, has a nice heft (and i really like a nice heft in a weapon) and some form of sights. Another reason is the Knexsayer has a lot of moving parts to get fouled up if hit against something when you turn around when this is nonexistent in the TR-18, also the TR-18 has a larger capacity, but less ammo stability, so rounds may fall out if amed downwards so again, you would want a Knexsayer for speed sniping or field battle, or a TR-18 for close quarters fighting, or indoor warfare.
I would think it is the other way around, since the knexsayer gets better ROF due to it's pump, and its capable of firing shot.

k-sayer is heavier but had a faster reload time
br is alot lighter but returning the turret is just annoying, (yes I know about the ratchet mod)

personally I would use neither.
travw (author)  Fred the Penguin8 years ago
What would you use then?
a light single shot, it may have a long firing interval, but there is no long reload time like the br
Maybe you should try a bolt action like ZKAR or AR-4.
umm... FSSR-C? but im battle you dont want something overly complex, this is why a tr or wrecktangle is good
Bolt actions have relatively simple mechs.
not really, the ammo can jam (never happened to me) the bolt can break, the bands can break, they have a long-ish reload time, not sturdy.

what can screw up on a Wrectangle? (apart from the trigger)
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