Knexsayer vs. BR8

I made a forum topic on which weapons people would prefer in a knex war. The knexsayer, or BR18. It seems most people prefer the BR18. Now I'm wondering: BR8, or knexsayer?
Give your opinions!

My opinion: The BR8, because it is super-light compared to the Knexsayer, and I get a better range with the BR8.

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An Villain6 years ago
This is like the M16 vs. P90 debate, for a war in close quarters and with lots of people you would want the TR-18 because it is a short weapon where the Knexsayer is large and unwieldly, but for sniping or field warfare you would want the knexsayer as it has a longer stock, has a nice heft (and i really like a nice heft in a weapon) and some form of sights. Another reason is the Knexsayer has a lot of moving parts to get fouled up if hit against something when you turn around when this is nonexistent in the TR-18, also the TR-18 has a larger capacity, but less ammo stability, so rounds may fall out if amed downwards so again, you would want a Knexsayer for speed sniping or field battle, or a TR-18 for close quarters fighting, or indoor warfare.
I would think it is the other way around, since the knexsayer gets better ROF due to it's pump, and its capable of firing shot.

k-sayer is heavier but had a faster reload time
br is alot lighter but returning the turret is just annoying, (yes I know about the ratchet mod)

personally I would use neither.
travw (author)  Fred the Penguin6 years ago
What would you use then?
a light single shot, it may have a long firing interval, but there is no long reload time like the br
Maybe you should try a bolt action like ZKAR or AR-4.
umm... FSSR-C? but im battle you dont want something overly complex, this is why a tr or wrecktangle is good
Bolt actions have relatively simple mechs.
not really, the ammo can jam (never happened to me) the bolt can break, the bands can break, they have a long-ish reload time, not sturdy.

what can screw up on a Wrectangle? (apart from the trigger)
Lowney6 years ago
Knexsayer without the stock. Definitely. 
travw (author)  Lowney6 years ago
Well, I guess it's your decision, but I'm 99.98% sure you'd get PWND.
Lowney travw6 years ago
The K'nexsayer is heavier yes, but it has a faster reload time (pump action), is much more intimidating and I have not noticed any real difference in range. I made it with my own stock and stripped it down of uneccessary parts to make it lighter. I also added a scope :D
I'm afraid I don't have any pictures of it, but I am seriously considering making my own version which can take the BR18 or BR36 turrets. But I probably won't get round to it.
travw (author)  Lowney6 years ago
How in the world would it being pump-action lessen the reload time?!
And it isn't just lighter, it's also smaller, more customizable, and can use more rubberbands.
Lowney travw6 years ago
 I meant to pull back the ram. It's much easier that to use a slide or pull-back. And I noticed that the K'nexsayer is compatible with the BR18 and BR36 turrets. And I like BIG guns anyway, they look cooler and in my opinion the k'nexsayer is heavily modifiable, KillerK just stripped it down of everything except the bare bones. I think the Knexsayer is more reliable with it's trigger too.
DJ Radio Lowney6 years ago
Actually, the BR8 is EXTREMELY customizable.  Yes, I've seen knexsayers with 18 shot turrets lol.
travw (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
Hmmm. I wonder where you would've seen that?

DJ Radio travw6 years ago
No durr sherlock.  I do check KI like once a week just to see if there is something posted.
travw (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
What happened to "I DON'T LOOK AT KI SH** ANYMORE!!!!!!!!"?
DJ Radio travw6 years ago
I learned my lesson.  Turns out something I thought to be original and never done before, was done on KI, but it was slightly different.
travw (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
Glad to hear it!
What was the thing? The 18sayer? Or something else?
DJ Radio travw6 years ago
I don't know what it was called.
travw (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
Well... what'd it do?
DJ Radio travw6 years ago
Shoot rods/oodammo?
travw (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
Uh..... yeahidunno.
Lowney DJ Radio6 years ago
 What would you go for? A K'nexsayer with a BR18 turret or the TR18?
DJ Radio Lowney6 years ago
The knexsayer with the 18 shot turret.
travw (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
Then it'd be like twice as heavy.
DJ Radio travw6 years ago
Weight is no object to me. 
travw (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
It'd slow you down. Even if you wouldn't think it would.
And if it didn't slow you down, it'd at least slow down your aim.
DJ Radio travw6 years ago
Not really. 
travw (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
I don't care anymore.
OMG I just realized how ironic/cornythat just sounded. (rub off)
Lowney DJ Radio6 years ago
Hi Faive!
travw (author)  Lowney6 years ago
More reliable? Yeah..... Whatever.
Anyways, I 100% disagree with you, but it's your choice.
Lowney travw6 years ago
Wayya mean yeah whatever? Block triggers are more reliable than true triggers. Mepain's is hooked to a true one.
Lets just agree to disagree on this one.
travw (author)  Lowney6 years ago
I've had the trigger connection fail on the knexsayer.
And yes, we're gonna have to agree to disagree.
So let's just leave it at that.
DJ Radio travw6 years ago
I think he meant to re cock the gun. 
travw (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
Oh, well I still disagree.
DJ Radio travw6 years ago
I'd agree.  It takes about 1.5 seconds for me to cock the BR in my video.  It would take about 1 second for knexsayer.
travw (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
I still disagree.
And you've never built it. I have. It takes longer for Knexsayer, due to the part that pulls back the ram being flimsy.
I can unload my BR8 in 7-8 seconds. It takes me about 11 seconds for Knexsayer.
DJ Radio travw6 years ago
I figure that pump action=faster ROF.
travw (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
Yeah, but not when the pump sucks.
DJ Radio travw6 years ago
Put tape all over it.
travw (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
I did. Stretched E-tape, duct tape over that, then rubberbands all around it.
smilee DJ Radio6 years ago
Lowney travw6 years ago
Which means that part of you DOESN'T think I would.
DJ Radio travw6 years ago
I'd use the knexsayer in a war.  Well, as long as it worked just fine.
travw (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
Yeah, and that's the point. The BR8 always works. I've never had it misfire in any way. Plus, the BR8 has about a 20% better range with the same ammo.
DJ Radio travw6 years ago
I'm saying that if I built the knexsayer and it worked fine, I would use it in a war.  The BR8 does work in my experience.
i would defiantly say BR8, its light and compact, and defiantly more accurate and it shot 75FT more than the Knexsayer (the Knexsayer didn't work very well for me)
Why do you always say 'defiantly'? It is spelt 'definitely'.
and thank you for correcting me
No problem.
ok let me rephrase that for you, I would say the BR8, its light and compact, and is much more accurate, it shot 75 Feet more than the Knexsayer.
sprout_less6 years ago
would't really care which one because the both work well i would probably be using a br8 because i have to supply guns to my friends
knexguy6 years ago
Just because I have a K'sayer and a BR8 at the same time, I decided to test them against each other. BR8 uses less pieces, is smaller, and is lighter. K'sayer is pump-action, more comfortable to use, and you can achieve a high rate of fire ACCURATELY. I find the K'sayer to be more versatile, with it's good range meaning it can be used from distance, and it's pump and sheer fright factor being good for close-quarters, rapid-fire combat. Also, if you run out of rounds, it becomes a very effective club.
sharlston6 years ago
definetly the br18 becuase of the smae reason of yours
travw (author)  sharlston6 years ago
Thanks for your contribution, but please fix your spelling, and punctuation mistakes.
DJ Radio6 years ago
I went outside yesterday for a range test with red rods, and I saw that shooting at a 45 degree angle got the same range as a flat shot, although there could have been a crosswind, as the bullets moved in a weird way before it hit the ground.
travw (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
Well, yes, with red rods I get about the same.
But with my BR8, at a 45 degree, I get 123 ft. (oodammo)
0 degrees: 108 ft. (oodammo)
DJ Radio travw6 years ago
I get the same range no matter what (90 feet) then again, it could be a crosswind.
travw (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
Wierd... Yeah, probably wind.
TR8 Please. Way smaller, more reliable, etc...
DJ Radio7 years ago
I would take the BR8, its lighter, with equal power, and its simple design means that you can quickly fix any problems with it. Also, I rebuilt the BR8, made some mods, and now it can handle 2 rubberbands, a very high range (not yet determined, but it should be high), and it can also shoot through very heavy duty cardboard without any tape. Plus the trigger works now.