Knife concealment??

OK, i was wondering about how to conceal a knife, and i remember listening to Nocturnal podcast by Scott Sigler, and one of the gangsters had a knife in his shoe. i was wondering if i could hide a knife in my shoe like this:
1. put the knife under that removable pad in the shoe.
2. cut a hole in the back of the shoe that looks like this:

|..................... |
|_ _ _ _ _ _ _|

dont mind the periods, they are just place markers.

3. tie a string (fishing line) to one of the holes in the back of the handle, run the line through the above hole in the back of the shoe.
4. drill a hole in a quarter and tie the string to the quarter, then stick it in your pocket. when you need the knife, grab the quarter from your pocket, lift your leg with the shoe and knife, then pull it out. the way you cut it, the flaps will open and the knife will slide out, but will stay closed all other times. could someone please make an instructable on this, or tell me if it would work by testing it out?

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iaroot5 years ago
Several options:
Neck knife (as a wheel chair user, this is my favorite when a pistol isn't viable.
Arm pit - see articles on merharness
Forearm harness
calf harness (not very convenient)

wallet (see

dog tags (google dog tag knife)

cane (LONG blades)

Sin glasses ear piece / spike

The best knife to have in a fight is the one you have with you and can get to (most fights would happen quicker than a shoe heal draw and eventually the washer in your pocket would become an impediment to wearing daily)
 1. The shoe will probably fray around the slot you cut into it. 
2. That is a pretty long string you're attaching to the knife. You're going to have to pull it out, then reach down and actually grab the knife?
3. Use a washer, not a quarter. 

I have comfortably carried a single edge razor in my shoe with a method similar to the one described above. (one of the small, thin, disposable ones, sometimes used for scraping paint off glass). It was pretty easy to get to while sitting down, (bend your leg back and reach through the slot into your shoe) and it came in handy for some utility stuff. 

You have an interesting idea here, I think you should consider scrapping the quarter and string and just carrying a second knife somewhere else to access when you are standing up, leaving the shoe knife for when you are sitting down/tying your shoe... 
I carry a Knife with me every where i go, I found that an An ankle holster is very comfortable and easy to acces and conceal, some Shoulder harnesses are nice, but you must wear a Jacket over them to conceal them. I would recommend using an ankle holster, they allow you to carry almost any knife on you with out drawing suspicion.
Ummmmmm.......that's not a bad instructable, but do you really think a shoe is the best place to conceal any weapon? If, for some reason, you have the need to carry a CCW it should be in a place easy to reach, not like a would take waaaaayyyyyyy to long to get a hold on.
BTW - If this knife is being concealed for self - defense purposes, it would need to be fixed blade and longer than four inches. Thus, it would be rather ridiculous to try to hide a knife large enough to be a weapon in a shoe.
 Not a weapon. A knife. Shoe knife will never really be a good weapon. I carry razor blades for utility purposes (cutting zip ties, opening boxes/packages)

I wasn't actually looking for a place to hide a knife. I was looking for a place to carry a single edge utility razor. They are rather difficult to carry without a case of some sort and a shoe keeps it from cutting my clothes/hands/ flesh while providing a blade that I am unlikely to leave the house without. 

Also, read my concluding paragraph, specifically the part where it says "you should consider.... carrying a second knife.... to access when standing up.... leave shoe knife for when hands are close to shoes." (paraphrased)
Oh, sorry. Usually when people use the word "concealment" they mean for defensive purposes.
It was my bad, I tend to use words too literally sometimes.

Hiding a knife in your shoe for self defense is definitely not the best idea. 

Using your shoe to hold an extra utility knife is a good (or at least viable) idea. that case then it's not a bad idea at all :)
Kiteman9 years ago
Firstly, a knife is only good for self defence if you have been trained in its use, and if you can get at it quickly. Since you are planning to conceal your weapon in an awkward place, it is clear you have not had the training. Secondly, in the UK it is an offence to carry a concealed weapon. The definition of "concealed weapon" is so broad and vague that even a newly-bought knitting needle, still in the packet, could be cause to receive a caution; a knife in a shoe could get you community service or a short spell inside.
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