Knights In Shining Armor

Who in the crowd stands out? Protects the people who can't speak up? Who do you think is a master paladin? Please ask the person you choose on any thoughts or invite them into the group!

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ArcticChill (author) 8 years ago
It's kind of like a "Thank you for helping us, here's a way to show that we appreciate what You did " (Kinda long winded though) A few people I've noticed: The people that I've seen being very helpful so far are EwilHelm (obviously), I've seen YOU: Kiteman helping quite a few people, and Goodhart : a good guy, and those are just three that spring to mind.
Frollard is good on a lot of Answers/Questions (first to 100 best Answers) although he's not that far ahead of me.

Goodhart8 years ago
This is hard to do because, in many ways almost everyone has had a hand in helping me in one way or another, some of them are no longer around, and some are only infrequent posters.

Hm, well, I'd name Mr. K and DaddyNacho, for starters...
Kiteman8 years ago
There's an overlap here with the Volunteers.
ArcticChill (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
I'm not saying it's FOR helping, though it'd be great, but it's to highlight those who go above and beyond average and really care. Kind of like a voting for "Kindest Person on Instructables."
Ah, so you want readers to name those they consider helpful? This will be interesting (reaches for pint and sits back to watch).