Knit Illuminated Hoodie

This knit hoodie designed by Paula Kassenaar in has LEDs inside the edge of the hood. Their brightness can be changed by stretching the hoodie. Very cool!

Skôn: Knit Illuminated Hoodie via CRAFT

Picture of Knit Illuminated Hoodie
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Sky Coyote7 years ago
You know, this isn't even listed as an instructable. It's a topic. That being so, there's really no point to bug him about how to do this.
gatotkacha7 years ago
and where are the instructable ??
elmarco387 years ago
I'm sure she's using some version of woven stretch sensor  like many of those posted on this site. I'm just saying that this is an instructables site not an advertising site and this post should be removed unless she decides to post on how you do it. I know I'm not a pro member but come on this is clearly an advert on a concept she intends to sell to the public and that's OK but if you post here it should be on "how to" not check this out and that's it. I just feel let down that it's not a "how to" 
elmarco387 years ago
Very cool, how do you make it? and the stretch activation is totally awesome!!! Again how do you do it ? This is a "how to" site is it not?
You'd have to ask Paula Kessenaar!
DeFknoT7 years ago
how do you do it?? and...what is the name of the lady?? haha us how to..