Knitting with Dog Hair

We heard a neat piece on NPR's Soundprint about knitting with dog hair.

It's an overview of the history and process of knitting with dog hair, mixed with a bit of personalizing historical fiction. Definitely a good listen if you've ever considered turning your dog's sheddings into something useful.

Picture of Knitting with Dog Hair
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Sunny1246139 years ago
I was just wondering could you use a long haired Persians hair
Sounds like something to I hear "future -ible" ? :-)
maybe so.....
Also, if you haven't listened to the entire program, I suggest it, just as there are always good reasons for doing something, there are as many, if not more reasons to not (warnings as it were).
Goodhart9 years ago
I will have to give it a listen once I am finished with the latest TWIT.TV podcast.