I notice there's also "How to Backpack: starting from scratch", maybe they're trying to compete with E-How/Wiki-How too?

Google has taken the wraps off Knol, its expert-written challenger to Wikipedia. Wired has an in-depth look. Knol's distinctions from Wikipedia are that authors
are identified by their real names (and verified), and that they can share in ad revenue if they choose to. The service initially features a lot of medical articles, which is
interesting considering that Medipedia also launched today. This medical wiki is backed
by Harvard's and Stanford's medical schools.

Picture of Knol.Google
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Gjdj39 years ago
I was just about to post this when I realized I should probably search to see if anyone else did. Glad I did!
That looks like a nice way to promote the site.

Maybe we should each post one "knol" from one of our own ibles, a range of topics between us, each with links back to the site.


Browses personal archive...
Gjdj3 Kiteman9 years ago
That'd be cool. We could all put our affiliations as "".
Well they're quite good as far as formatting goes and the promoting the site thing is a good bonus...
Google could easily truly dominate the interwebs if it came out with some sort of social networking site. I'd switch in a flash. Win.
Hmm. I see why it didn't catch on: it's a terrible cross between Myspace and Facebook. It's not the best of both worlds, it's more like the worst.
Yeah it's pretty bad.
That's owned by Google??


*Opens Wikipedia entry on Orkut*...
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