Kronos 4500 LCD

Well, I'll get right to the point. I bought a LCD from and it came in today. i have no expirence with lcd screens, and cannot find the pins required. the screen goes in a Kronos 4500 time clock, and has the following marking on the board.
9600009-002 REV.B
3601021 - 001
AVLOT # 48723-0201
Please, anyone with more expirince, anyone have any idea how to interface this with arduino? TIA!

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mickeypop3 years ago

all though i am only starting, i am planning a port of a controller for this very LCD to work with Arduino. Collaborators are welcome.

Zauldy4 years ago
Check this out! Perfect controller for this LCD!
jon_stoski5 years ago
+1 - Please post the datasheet.
Hope this helps. 

From Blob800 (above) reference you can find:

Although it's a different part number - it does correlate to the info listed below (from another source).

There is some Arduino info on this:,18353.0.html

Model number: EW50107FLYU
5" screen - 4" W x 3" H
14 pin connector - spaced .1" apart
Pin designation:

    Pin 1: Vo
    Pin 2: Vee
    Pin 3: D3 to 79401
    Pin 4: D2 to 79401
    Pin 5: D1 to 79401
    Pin 6: D0 to 79401
    Pin 7: GND
    Pin 8: +5
    Pin 9: CL2 to 79401
    Pin 10: CL1 to 79430
    Pin 11: FLM
    Pin 12: LED K
    Pin 13: LED A
    Pin 14: Not Used

Built in IC drivers - Sanyo LC79401 and LC79430
Built in green LED backlight
caitlinsdad5 years ago
Did you purchase the LCD screen part knowing if you could interface it with an arduino at all?
Krayzi99 (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
no, but i bought it because was cheap and worth a shot. i mean, only 2.50 for a 5 inch screen? i couldn't help it. if i cannot interface it with arduino, i will interface it with something else.
Sometimes things look too good to be true, a bargain is never a bargain. Unless you can find the datasheet for this, get the appropriate drivers, have the supporting electronics, know what kind of signals it takes, have the correct interface, you will have a very difficult time in trying to get it to work. It's still a DIY problem where everyone has the guts to a LCD screen scavenged from a laptop or cellphone but can't do anything with it. The stuff is pretty proprietary to the manufacturers of those devices unless it is sold as a standalone display for use with microprocessors or serial communications.
Krayzi99 (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
I have found the datasheet, and a way to use it with a pc paralell port. It looks ill be able to use it yet, arduino or not
tgif30 Krayzi995 years ago
I also have this LCD and cannot find the datasheet. Could you please share the url for the datasheet you have found. Thank you
blob800 tgif305 years ago
Looks like we needed the same thing at the same time! I think this is it:

(still trying to figure it out myself)...
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