From the Laser Cutter contest page:


Entry deadline extended to January 1, 2008!

What were we thinking?!?
The holidays are the perfect time to finish your Laser Cutter Contest entry, and we don't want to judge during our family vacations.

So, we're extending the entry deadline to 11:59pm PST Tuesday, January 1, 2008 to take advantage of the entire holiday season. Finalists will be announced on Monday, January 7, 2008. User voting will still end on January 31st, and we'll still announce the ultimate winner on Monday, February 4th, 2008.

Use this extra time to make something truly incredible!

Happy holidays from the Instructables team.

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Awww. I really must make something. But I just got Guitar Hero 3 and Phantom Hourglass. Videogames or productivity?! :D
So that's why you haven't posted!
Uh huh. :( But I'm almost done with Zelda! And I have 15 hearts and a demon ship! Weeeeeeee! I really should beat it tonight before I go back to school and everything.
Guitar hero is a great distraction, got 3 aswell and keep ending up on it....
phantom hourglass is great. make a instructable on beating a videogame.
drgabler8 years ago
It seems that new entries are coming in after the deadline. Am I just seeing things?
canida (author)  drgabler8 years ago
Our servers aren't on Pacific time, so some will be labeled Jan 2.
drgabler canida8 years ago
yesterday there were <600 in the group and today there are >600 That is what I am seeing. Timezones are always fun....
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Although..... now ALL my deadlines are on the first..... stupid college apps....
Which is more important? Instructables or school? :P
To me? Instructables! My parents aren't too happy about that, though...
canida (author)  T3h_Muffinator8 years ago
The correct answer is school, since it ultimately enables higher-quality Instructables. ;)
Yes.... I considered that, but then decided that Instructables has the potential to teach me how to make awesome muffin-related stuffs, whereas school will only teach me material useful in the real world ;-P Although, I do agree with you.... School's important, I just hate it at the moment. *grumble*
All i know is that I've learned more from instructables in a year than I've learned at school in three.
o yea. high five
Me too. Well, not about public health. But about more interesting subjects. :D
You've probably learned much more useful things here than @ school, I know I have.
Oh, most definitely.
I can second that, who doesn't love the handiness related features of instructables...ALL AT YOUR FINGER TIPS!
I made a muffin pin cushion, you should try It some time.
No way! Aweosme! =)
I need to post pictures of it sometime
Or an Instructable!
At least you're learning important things >_> I can't wait 'till physics, chem. etc. so that I have a class that is remotely interesting... but it'll be a year or two ):
Aww... Cheer up!

At least you have some free time to have fun now!

Although yeah, physics and chem are super-fun =)
Whoa, you must have a much different course type then I did in school (high school Chemistry was rough enough, even with my love of the science).
I can't wait until next year so I can go to a different school and take some better classes than my current school has to offer. Like biology and things like that so I can be a veterinarian.
Okay.... now you're right!

School is more important!
Going back to school after a long break is like that scene in horror movies where the victim is being pulled away and clawing the ground.
Although Instructables provides an exemplary extra-curricular education of DIY and innovation!
I got one in, but I have so many projects left....
dsman1952768 years ago
i am going to win!!!!!!!!! (probely not)
11:59 where? is it PST, EST, GMT?
canida (author)  mothflavour28 years ago
Goodhart is exactly right- Pacific.
Probably PST since they are located in CA, right ?
Goodhart8 years ago
That is great......let me see if I can get something together now.
I am not going to make this one.....maybe in the coming year (hopefully before Jan is over) I can get something together :-(
Hawaii000008 years ago
Cri-Z8 years ago
i wanna win a t-shirt 2 XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Danny8 years ago
I'm not one for compatitions because i have nothing that could match other instructables however i hope to win a t-shirt or something =D
jmengel8 years ago
Sliding deadlines are the mark of poor planning, poor resource allocation, and contest sponsors that don't feel that they have gotten their money's worth on the contest submissions. This is Squid's show and dollar so I don't blame them, but this extension really just penalizes anyone with the fortitude to stick to a schedule. Not that I couldn't use the extra time, I've got stuff on the back burner that could be dynamite for this contest. W00t!
J_Hodgie8 years ago
This is the best thing I've heard all week, Now I can finish my project! The bitter irony before is that my final exams ended on the 17th and the contest ended on the 16th.
KentsOkay8 years ago
YABADABADOOO! More time for Instructable to get viewed, YABADABADOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gene Hacker8 years ago
WOOHOO!!! Now I can finish up my super secret Instructable.
Brennn108 years ago
Sweet! Hopefully my iPod one does well, because right now I am all out of ideas!
trebuchet038 years ago
Maxx18 years ago
Now I can finish the desktop trebuchet for my ,dad for X-mas
Doctor What8 years ago
OOOOHHHH!!! I need to go watch my inspiration channel!! I need more ideas!!
YES! Thank you this is just the time i needed!!!!
Howabout another month or two? =p

I hope there's another one in time for my water bottle raft!

Can't wait to see who wins, good luck everyone!
Bran8 years ago
Thank you so much! That loosens my schedule up bunches!