LCD Monitor flashes primary colors

I have a nice 22" LCD monitor here, its a SCEPTRE X22WG-1080P, the monitor originally wouldn't get any signal at all. After opening it up & blowing it out, reseating all connections the monitor will turn on now, but it simply won't respond to anything. It flashes white, red, blue, green, black, etc in a repeating fashion. Anyone have a clue to what the problem is & maybe an instructable to fix it? Thanks!

gmoon8 years ago
I'm using a 26"DoubleSight LCD monitor, and accidentally entered a similar mode.

Try pressing different input button combinations--I was eventually able to cancel that "flashing" mode and return to normal. It is scary, though--the test mode persists even if you power down the monitor.
lemonie8 years ago
What are you plugging it into? Or to put it another way why did you think opening it up and blowing it out would fix it?

Apparently Sceptre Customer Service sucks...

gr33ko8 years ago
Shot in the dark, but it sounds like its running some sort of self test. Maybe its stuck in that mode... Diagnostic? Did you check all the capacitors?? A blown capacitor will cause all sorts of weird stuff.