LCD TV cover instructable? (I thought I saw one, can't find it.)

My boyfriend and I just got a new TV and I don't want to stare at it constantly when we're not using it because it's quite large. :P I know I saw an instructable for a cloth cover, but after 10 minutes of searching I'd had no luck finding it. Anyone have a link to it? :D

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okoshima8 years ago
wow check out the double spam already
bhankerd9 years ago
whatsisface10 years ago
Here you go.

I just searched "Etsy" because it was in the sewuseful competition.
jessyratfink (author)  whatsisface10 years ago
Yay! Thank you! You are my favorite person today. :D I'm happy you remembered the specifics of it. I can't seem to remember much but A&P and public health these days...