LCD loosing backlight.

My backlights fail only when I input a viveo source of any kind. If I power up in RGB with a composite video source pluged in its fine until I switch the source to composite(video1). this is true for any source. they include S-video, RGB, composite, VGA and tuner. its run on 12V, pretty much Identical to a computer monitor except more inputs. thinking maybe the inverter, any other ideas will be helpful???

mool (author) 9 years ago
thanks dude, Ive already got it open on my desk in the spare room. its actually a 17inch widescrn tv with analog tuner, its was primarily used as a computer moniter and was fairly new when it failed. will go and look for caps. cheers.
Punkguyta9 years ago
This is an LCD panel? As in desktop computer monitor? I'd say it might be a couple blown capacitors in the power supply end of the monitor's electronic circuitry. Perhaps the switch of resolution/input mode is too much for the worn capacitors to handle. I'd say if you trust yourself enough, open it up and take a peek inside. There isn't much you can do to the panel itself, you'd have to peel that apart like an onion before you could get to any sensitive parts. Keep an eye out for a capacitor that looks like the one in my picture.
mool (author) 9 years ago