LED Case And Controller Mod N64

Hey, I was just wondering, does anybody know where on the N64's motherboard I could solder some LED lights so when the system powers on, the lights power on? Also, same thing with the controller. Where would you solder LED lights at on the controller's board? I want to do something like the Gameboy Color Mod for the system and for the controller, something like the lightup XBOX Controller.

I just need to know where the solder points are so if anyone knows, please tell me!

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Sandisk1duo8 years ago
oh sorrry N64...

i thought you said NES

do you have a volt meter?

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metalforever (author)  Sandisk1duo8 years ago
???? I dont think so........ How come anyways?
well you need to find a place on the motherboard that puts out some power, 20-3v
metalforever (author)  Sandisk1duo8 years ago
Ooh okay, so that's pretty much my solution right there then huh? Well thanks a lot for that!
metalforever (author) 8 years ago
LOL Is that an N64!?!?! I haven't taken mine apart yet so......