LED Contacts

What is the best way to affix an LED contact to a watch battery without soldering it and risking damage to the battery? Help

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guyfrom7up9 years ago
don't buy conductive glue, make it using that one instructable, too lsazy to look up now.
ropor (author) 9 years ago
Great ideas; the contact needs to be good and solid so handling would not cause the contact to move. I've thought about sanding the battery surface and then using something. Can I still hear some other ideas?
Really counting on you guys!
Goodhart ropor9 years ago
There are some conductive adhesives out there, but if you need to preserve the battery for another use in the future, thats out.
ropor (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
I don't need the battery for any other use, the life of the battery is the life of the item it's used in. Just need a good contact. Where are these adhesives found?
Goodhart ropor9 years ago
Kiteman ropor9 years ago
How much handling does it need to withstand? Scotchtape works fine, or you could substitute duct tape if you must, and sanding the battery in absolutely a waste of time. Anything else is overkill for most requirements.
royalestel9 years ago
Don't know the best way, but scotch tape works just fine. Might try RTV - I'd be uncomfortable using hot glue on a lithium battery, but that's just me.
ropor (author)  royalestel9 years ago
Sorry, what's RTV
Kiteman9 years ago
If it's a small LED and a thick battery, you could just wedge the battery between the contacts of the LED.