LED Cricket Bails

Hi everyone, didn't really know where to put this  so put it here. Basically I love cricket and if you have seen the ICC World Cup T20 you will have noticed the light up  bails and wickets. Here they are if you havnt- http://www.zings.biz/products/jbjhbjbh. What would be the best way to make these? ps: I have plastic and wood bails available and am more interested in making the bails. Thanks  

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samalert3 years ago

Why not work with magnets. See place a LED inside bells with 2 switches and battery(coin size) to power LED which will lit when ball is hit.

Magnetic switch : one magnet will be in stumps where the bells rest. So when bells are placed on stumps the magnetic switch inside bells will break switch(LED off). When bells are hit magnets holding magnetic switch lose power and switch gets completed and LED lit. (these are similar to tilt switch but more useful in this case)

On Off Switch : When bells are not in use a on/off switch will save battery and LED's are put to rest.

LED Bells.png


http://youtu.be/ElFSsu2kZ1A similar to this where magnets are used to unlock the key hole.

AliG651 year ago

Hi. I have simulated the circuit on multisim but I cant figure out how to stop LED from flashing. If I increase threshold cap/resistor I can manage to stop LED after few seconds but then it wouldn't be flashing, LED will be lit. Any help will be much appreciated and I am happy to share multisim model if need be.

Here's the updated URL


Hi, here's one related circuit you would want to try:


hunter9993 years ago

I'm not sure if these fit the bill...


petercd3 years ago

Use the innards of 3 light-up juggling balls, they flash for about 5 seconds when you give them a hard knock.

amann2 (author)  petercd3 years ago

Couldn't find these types mate in the UK??

Kiteman amann23 years ago

Toy shops will stock them, or there are bouncy ("power") balls that do the same.

Otherwise, search ebay.co.uk for "flashing bouncy ball".

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