LED Diffusion

I am using a flexible LED strip to illuminate some leaves on a lotus leaf for our art car.

The leaves are made out of bent tubing which is then covered in fabric.

The issue I am having is getting the light diffused across the surface.

These photos show the issue and in actuality it's not as bad as the photo make it look.

I'm wondering what tricks people have for getting diffusion.

I have use backlight film in the past when having a panel of LEDs but this strip follows the contour of my shape.

Any thoughts?



Picture of LED Diffusion
2014-04-19 20.10.59.jpg
2014-04-19 20.09.11.jpg
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caitlinsdad3 years ago

You essentially want to make a "pillow" out of your leaf shape. The backing layer should be a light colored fabric. Fill with a thin layer or as fluffy as you want with flat battens of polyester fiberfill. You can actually "quilt" it to your front layer to give some definition lines for the veins. Stiffen up the border edge with some interfacing so the lights can be mounted/sewn/glued to a standing box edge and will always be pointed inward. Good luck.

Have you tried tissue paper (assuming you're not getting much heat)?

Kiteman3 years ago

Where are the LEDs, exactly?

Are they in the tube, or between the tube and the fabric?

filthyPhil (author)  Kiteman3 years ago

LEDs are on the steel frame around the edge.

If you can get some space between the LEDs and the fabric, that will help. You can add a layer of diffusing (translucent) material, such as hot-glue, or slide the strip into a clear plastic tube that you have scoured with sandpaper.

In this instance good diffusion may not be doable. Since this is suppose to be a leaf why not run the LEDs through the middle of it like the veins in a leaf? This will allow the light to be spread across the surface a little more plus it adds detail to the leaf.

filthyPhil (author)  mpilchfamily3 years ago

Thanks,, it's actually gonna be petal not a leaf. Currently there is no support structure in the middle. It's a steel frame with stretched fabric.