LED Display for advertising

hi,I recently enter a company for making LED displays for adverstising. It's really hard ot make clear how it works. Anyone experienced can teach me about it,that's wonderfuly thanks a million!

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melllow7 years ago
I know, where it is possible to buy inexpensive in comparison with others [url=http://www.ldm-group.ru] light-emitting diode screens [/url].
lemonie melllow7 years ago
Back in June this dude wanted to know how the products his employer was making worked. That is one of the poorest pieces of SPAM I've ever seen.

lemonie8 years ago
You have recently got a job with ShenZhen Golden Hantang Optoelectronics, and you are asking us how their products work?
Is there not someone experienced within the company who can tell you?

ght-LEDdisplay (author)  lemonie8 years ago
It's controlled by system,the same as PC need windows softwares
I don't know much about these. L
You should give him a "Lightbulb" patch and call it a day.
whats a patch, i dont understand what they are like win a patch or send a patch