LED Equalizer

Hi.. I want to make a big led equalizer.. the thing is that some friends want to open a new bar, and I want to make a big equalizer of 1 x 0.70 meters how can I do that!!!!

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adamv6669 years ago
hey guys, I'd like to attempt the same project, has anyone gotten any headway on this project? is it possible to simply buy a graphic equalizer circuit and output to a large display? how many components are we talking about?
milmusic9 years ago
Hey adcbluis. I've been trying to find a similar thing to incorporate into my van. I own a DJ company and we use the EQ in our logo. I would love to incorporate a functioning LED EQ on the sides. Did you ever complete this project, and if so, how?
NachoMahma9 years ago
. If you are talking about a bar graph spectrum analyzer, then I would either:
1) Find a junk display from an amplifier, equalizer, &c. Tap into the output to the LEDs to drive switches that will handle the current of your display. Use multiple LEDs or incandescents in each segment of your display.
2) Search for a circuit and DIY. Try this
VIRON9 years ago
How about a T-qualizer with a big lens in front of it?
I think it can also be hacked for a larger display.

Another way would to be to use a MP3 visualizer program
on a big screen, assuming it's a video bar and it has one to use.
Patrik9 years ago
Would a scaled-up version of one of these work:

VU meter that dances to computer music
Battery Powered Portable VU Meter

These will just give you one "volume" bar, but you could add a few bandpass filters to create multiple frequency bars...
Patrik Patrik9 years ago
One cool idea would be to wire a strip of red LEDs all along the front of the counter of the bar, and rig those up to a microcontroller. You could do a volume display, running lights, random patterns, etc (check out Tim Black's Lights 2000 project for some inspiration).
uguy9 years ago
Do you really want a big equalizer or just a big display from an equalizer. The display would be much easier to make. Making a large LED display from a normal equalizer would be pretty simple. Google a search for equalizer circuits and scale up the display.
adcbluis (author)  uguy9 years ago
I think that a big display could work.. but it would be so much better to have a real equalizer, so when the music stops, the display also turn off... do you now how can I do that? or if you know how can I make a big display that works like equalizer, that would be fine, Thank you very much!
Goodhart9 years ago
are there any parts to making an equalizer that you do know about ? Starting from scratch is a major project.