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Im new to this website and think it is awesome!
Im from the uk, does anybody know where I can get cheap LEDs from the UK?? So far i have found nothing :(



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jllomax20019 years ago
I am looking at building a Proton Pack for Holloween, I have no idea though on how to do the lights. All of the lighting effects that I want to do you can see at this URL:


I would like all of the lights to work as depicited on the movie, I just need resources or somebody in my area that knows how to do this so I can learn to do it myslef. Can anybody help?
Glowdark Mark10 years ago
I get all my goodies in Orlando, Florida at an electronic surplus place that gets all sorts of stuff from the Space Center. With the buying power of the pound, maybe you could get some real deals. the site for the place is skycraftsurplus.com and even though you can't dig through bins like I do you might find what you want anyway. I am working on some PIC controller RGB color changing lites like Triklits and I'm just starting to dig in, if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. Love the site, it's right up my alley.
the only problem with that is how much would have to be paid on the customs fees?
You know, I didn't even think of that. I wonder if there would be any way to minimize it. I'll check on the situation. Their stuff is cheap, it still might be worth it.
For 1st class mail to the UK, the postage is given on this link: http://pe.usps.com/text/Imm/fh_014.htm#ep3576772
I looks like the customs declaration doesn't really cost anything unless it is over the values on the page you sent me. Postage from here is 10 bucks a pound. But there are cheaper was to mail it, like bulk rate and some others. I have the full software (shipping assistant) and I will try to put in a sample package to see what the charges would be. I do some ebay shipping so it is a simple matter for me to do that; it even prints the shipping labels for me and deducts from paypal when I do it for real. I'll let you know.
Goodhart10 years ago
I get a lot of stuff (weird stuff mostly) from American Science and Surplus

But here is one place although I am not sure of their prices: UK LEDs
tom011235810 years ago
Ebay is by far the cheapest source. Search LEDs and you will find a number of ebay shops with various ranges. They will usually charge most of the cost in shipping and sell you the LEDs for almost nothing (£1 for 100 ultrabright white LEDs, £10 for postage) They are slightly flimsy, but its solid state anyway and they are perfect for hobbying.
lemonie10 years ago
My mate found some cheap gas-lighters with blue/white LEDs in them in a Pound Shop (several for the quid)! Pound shops are worth a look.
uuili (author)  lemonie10 years ago
Thanks, I'll have a good rummage when im in there. there doesn't seem to be any cheap places to buy leds from in the uk. Everything is a little pricey in maplin and there is nowhere else
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