LED Incapacitator

The LED Incapacitator
This story has way too much instructables-appeal to go unnoticed. I like the following line particularly: "There's one wavelength that gets everybody," says Lieberman. "Vlad calls it the evil color."
It all sounds a little too much like we will soon know one of these partners as Vlad the Incapacitator.

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etippie6 years ago
it would be soooooooooooooo cool if ppl would start experimenting with this. think about the applications for hooligans and protesters...
gweiler9 years ago
You can read the U.S. patent. It can be found here:

It is Patent number 7,180,46 dated Feb 20 2007
It's interesting. It uses the Bucha effect coupled with spatial movement of the LED patterns. It looks like it would actually be a rather simple Instructable to produce.
gweiler gweiler9 years ago
Sorry, Patent number 7,180,426
gmoon10 years ago
Slashdot's covering this story, also. Will the Dept of Homeland make sunglasses illegal? ;) (Blocking enough of the active wavelengths might be an effective countermeasure, although they cannot alter the pwm...unless there was a small amount of a phosphorescent dye added for wavelength persistence?? Doubtful....) Love the 'capacitors and incapacitors' comment...
HamO10 years ago
Sounds like someone has for a gullible financial backer.
NachoMahma HamO10 years ago
. Why do you say that? I don't know that it will work, but it looks like it would be similar to the sonic devices I've seen, it just overloads the eyes instead of the ears. I've heard that certain patterns of flashing lights on a TV can initiate seizures in some ppl, so why not a pattern/color/brightness that affects most ppl?.
royalestel10 years ago
Hmmmm . . . interesting. Does make me want to experiment a bit . . .