Does anyone have any informational sites and or plans to wire up leds to scan back and forth like on the knight rider car?

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autoflow (author) 9 years ago
Ok so i decieded to go with this plan.
Led chaser
This is the first time i will be doing anything like this Where do you guys shop for your parts? the few sites i did find gave me pages of results when i typed in the parts listed and i didnt know which to pick.
go to http://www.futurlec.com/index.shtml really good
goldmine electronics if you shop online. in montreal, the only place is active electronics near highway 15. that circuit is far more complex than mine. besids the ability to vary blink rate, it will be more complex. plus, you really should check the laws on this sort of thing if you want to attach it to a car.
autoflow (author)  tech-king9 years ago
Thanks. Im in new jersey. Im not 100% sure but i believe as long as your not driving with the lights on their legal. That and im noticing the cops bother you alot less as you get older.
nthmost7 years ago
I put together a kit like this last night at a circuit hacking workshop. It was 555 / 4017 circuit as tech-king above suggested.

The kit's called "the Retro Scanner" -- you can find it here:


You could take this basic circuit design and expand it out to the size of LED scanner / chaser you wanted. The schematics are all on that site. Pretty simple.
tank you :)
clights6 years ago
I have noticed some of you are looking for led scanners. You can check out http://www.amxauto.com/security-leds-led-scanners.html
hello email me for info tom62@gmx.com
autoflow (author) 10 years ago
Thanks guys lots of helpful info. Ive never done anything like this so if your input helps me to do this that would be awesome.
well, you could use something like an arduino (I have a boarduino and I love it, I'm asking for a big breadboard for my birthday, my tiny radioshack board isn't working out at all).
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