LED workgloves, any interest?

Ever needed both hands in a dark place? Wanted all the light in the world at your fingertips? Fingeritivley speaking that is. Haven't seen these before, but i'm sure they exist. Seems simple and works better than what I had expected. The principle should explain itself, but if anyone would like "steps" then I can put an "Ible" together. Led workglove; Self contained battery pack with rechargable "flat" 3.6v Lithi-ion. Now just to get a Dremel and blowtorch in there. So did I do good, or have you seen better? Feel free to comment.

Picture of LED workgloves, any interest?
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Kiteman9 years ago
A car-mechanic friend has a pair of these (though they only have a light on the index finger). He was so pleased with them he flattened the battery showing them off.
Lftndbt (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
Yes I have done that myself several times now. Luckily the circuit board was from a dynamo torch so a quick plug-in of the motor mech and hey presto fully charged gloves.
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Look useful. I'll think about making some
Lftndbt (author)  LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Almost worth building just for sheer awesomeness factor.... Random stranger No.1 ~ "Damn I wish I had bought my torch with me, I can't see what I am doing" LftnDbt ~ "Excuse me sir, did you say that you needed some light? Here you go, FROM MY FINGER TIPS MMMmmWAHAHHA HA HA!!!!"
Patrik Lftndbt9 years ago
Now you just need to add a laser...
Lftndbt (author)  Patrik9 years ago
I was thinking a dremel stylus modded and sewn to the back of the wrist of the glove. I can mod a lance and connect it to the back of the index finger. The collet section shall be located at the finger tip allowing such attachments as cutting disk, sander barrel etc. May be more practical than a tube laser...
Lftndbt (author) 9 years ago
Oh so pretty....
Lftndbt (author) 9 years ago
Lftndbt (author) 9 years ago
Lftndbt (author) 9 years ago
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