LED'S in a guitar?

I watched a video and the guy playing guitar had his position markers light up can someone post? the vid is below! you can see um at 50 seconds!

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What can the Fretlight do? Why does it hook up to a computer? Does it teach you or just run lights?
Metal4God (author)  Thebtompsonexpress8 years ago
it runs the lights. and you put your finger(s) at the lights, it plugs in your comptuer and lights up the fret that it's using.
Sounds simple enough. Seems pretty sweet. I just checked there site and there having a 50% of their acoustic model. Down to 199.95. Does any one have one, the acoustic or other? Is it worth it at that price? Seems like at the original price it would be worth it.
Well, the optek fretlight guitars have leds all over the neck, so you can like plug it in to ur computer and it will light up the fingering.

Metal4God (author)  Hillsong United9 years ago
but i already know how to play!!
Ibanezguy9 years ago
Metal4God (author)  joejoerowley9 years ago
uhhh no, i need them IN the finger board
Funny that this topic should pop back up.

Metal4God (author)  fungus amungus10 years ago
thats for guitar hero! not a REAL guitar!
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