Please Instructables, for the love of jesus, give me a tool to message all my followers. 

I have important information I need to share with them and no way to do it. 

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Jayefuu3 years ago

You can do it by posting a forum topic. Upon doing so, all your subscribers get a notification that you've written a new forum topic.

Not any more, I think. I hope they'll fix the subscription emails soon.

Ahhh. Perl to the rescue then ;)

I beleive we don't have that function because it could and would be greatly taken advantage of. Imagine how many "vote for me" messages you would get on a daily basis.

Fuzzy-Wobble (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago

They could easily moderate that -- just like the 'be nice' policy.


Kiteman3 years ago

Just post a forum topic - it will be seen by anybody using the forums.