Hey Londoners ! Let's meet ! It would be great that we meet sometimes in october (I'm coming to London in October) in a pub in London for example, or in someone's workshop, and discuss about inventions and why not building something together ! Let's have a good meal and discussion ! Who is interested for that ? Early october, in London huh ?

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Plasmana9 years ago
I live in Surrey UK, unfortunately, I am too young (15yo) to go out and about...
Derin9 years ago
Who would want to meet on Turkey anytime?I am living on turkey and may help out with places to hang out on.However,I wouldn't be there because of (RESTRICTED INFORMATION)
Derin Derin9 years ago
One good place to go on Istanbul is Nişantaşı.It is a pretty luxurious place.At Ankara I recommend CEPA.There is a good bar on there.
cesar harada (author) 10 years ago
HI !!!! Let's meet thursday !!!
Thursday 4th of october 21h00 at the The World's End, Camden.
GREAT ! Instructablers LONDONERS, JOIN !
lemonie10 years ago
I could be available, which pub? Regards L
cesar harada (author)  lemonie10 years ago
I don't know any pub, I will arrive in London in October, please choose. And maybe you can propose a date that suits you as well. Cheers.
WAAARGH! london's too far for me to travel! Liverpool, however; i'd be there like a shot, but as a student my travel expenses are limited.
Hey, cool, I'm in Preston. How about a Nothern England group or meet? I'm chucking out tonnes of stuff that Makers and the like would probably love, I just have too much stuff! I'd rather do swaps or just give it away to someone who wants it.
cesar harada (author)  Vendigroth10 years ago
That's too bad. We'll report to you ! If you know other people on instructables, or around you, that are around london, can you please tell them to join ? cheers.
The World's End, Camden.
(It's your trip, you can chose a date)

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