LOSA Pistol Review

So someone asked me to make a review about Lowney's "LOSA" pistol and here it is.

-Comfort 7/10 sometimes the ram nips your hand
-Range 8/10(I only got 48ft angled with 2 64's)
-Power 6/10, I shot my hand and it really didn't hurt at all
-Accuracy 8/10 the gun is pretty accurate
-Reliability 4/10 as long as you use a good strong band on the trigger, your good
-Body Weight/Balance It's kinda heavy for a pistol
-Magazine 4/10 I shot the gun and the mag wall closest to the trigger broke a few times

So overall I'd give it a 6/10 and would not recommend it to anyone.

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DJ Radio8 years ago
Why would you recommend a pistol that "Nips your hand" or has a mag wall that breaks?
NYPA DJ Radio8 years ago
Who puts that much pressure on it?
DJ Radio NYPA8 years ago
He only had 2 bands....
NYPA DJ Radio8 years ago
No, who puts that much force on the side. Who would routinely shoot the mag of a gun?
bigdylan91 (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
your right i think i'll change it
The reliability is a bit high for a gun that has a breakable mag wall as well...